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CFO Services

CFO Services is a great concept that is helping small to medium size businesses.

Serenity Financial Solutions provides personalized on-site and/or virtual services.  We will work closely with you to provide the type and extent of services you need to make your finacial responsibilities as worry-free as possible.

Your bookkeeper should be finding errors that occur.  Everyone makes mistakes, (your bookkeeper will as well) so you need to double check things.  We can double check for you.

Utilzing my 25 years of experience as CFO and Controller for multiple corporations, i am able to.........

  • Review bookkeeping weekly or monthly

  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • Audit bookkeeping 

  • Insure correct coding for tax purposes

  • Insure critical deadlines are met

  • Process and procedure evaluation

  • Implemention of IT or time saving processes

  • Research and Implementation of business solutions

Another benefit of our CFO services....We can help you to define any problems you may have, generate possible solutions, determine the best solutions, and create a clear recommendation to solve your particular challeges.

Call today for an appointment.

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